Unlocking the
Art of Real
Estate Photography

Unlocking the Art of Real Estate Photography

Unlocking the Art of Real Estate Photography

About Yellow House Media Group

Our Mission

At Yellow House Media Group, we are dedicated to crafting exquisite and enduring images that not only showcase the beauty and essence of our subjects but also tell their unique stories. Our commitment lies in offering a tailored and delightful experience that goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our Expertise

Drawing upon a wealth of experience, our photographers specialize in an array of photography styles, with a focus on real estate, architectural, and commercial photography. Enhancing our portfolio, we offer cutting-edge aerial photography and videography services, supported by state-of-the-art equipment, to deliver unparalleled visual excellence.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy lies the firm conviction that unforgettable photographs are born from the profound bond forged between the photographer and the subject. To cultivate this essential connection, we invest time in understanding our clients and their unique vision, ensuring every shot is infused with authenticity and meaning.


Standard HDR Photography Package

Starts at $250

Our Standard HDR photography package showcases our advanced HDR processing techniques, delivering high quality images that uphold the consistent standard our clients expect. Each image is meticulously crafted to highlight the property’s best features while ensuring unparalleled image quality.

Additionally, all exterior photos feature vibrant blue skies, enhancing the overall aesthetics and appeal of the property in every shot.

Our basic real estate photography package starts at $250 and includes up to 35 professionally edited photos of the property.

Matterport 3D TOUR

Starts at $250

Matterport 3D Tours offer an immersive real estate marketing experience, guiding potential buyers through a realistic virtual tour of your client’s property. We meticulously craft a comprehensive Matterport 3D tour utilising state-of-the-art technology to showcase every aspect of the listing.

Our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours start at a minimum cost of $250. For properties that exceed 2,500 square feet, there is an additional charge of $0.10 per square foot. For example, a 3,000 square foot home would be priced at $300.

Additionally, all exterior photos feature vibrant blue skies, enhancing the overall aesthetics and appeal of the property in every shot.

Our basic real estate photography package starts at $250 and includes up to 35 professionally edited photos of the property.

Aerial photography/videography

Starts at $125 (in package) or $250 (standalone)

Elevate your marketing with Aerial Images & Video! Encapsulate potential buyers in a whole new perspective, enabling them to explore the surroundings and landmarks of a property in an unprecedented way.

The drone photography package includes up to 7 aerial photos, which can be added to the regular real estate photos for $125. Alternatively, if you only require aerial photos, the standalone drone package is priced at $250.

Virtual Staging: Bringing Spaces to Life

Our pricing: $45 per photo

A blank canvas isn’t always ideal. Online home viewers seek to envision themselves within a property, a challenge when faced with empty rooms. Virtual staging bridges this gap, offering potential buyers a vivid representation of living in your listing and helping them see the full potential of each space.

Virtual Twilight Photos

Our pricing: $20

Enhance Your Listings with Virtual Twilights

Incorporate the mesmerizing pink and gold hues of a sunset sky into your listing photos, even when a twilight shoot is not feasible. Our team of visual marketing experts can digitally transform your daylight images to portray a dusk-like setting, infusing your photos with a warm and inviting ambiance that is guaranteed to make your listings stand out.

Full Motion Walk-Through Video Home Tours

Starts at $150

Drive increased listing visibility and quicker sales with our immersive Full Motion Walk-Through Video Tours. Affordable and meticulously crafted, these videos provide potential buyers with a comprehensive room-by-room exploration of your property, inside and out.

A versatile marketing asset suitable for any listing size or price range, our Video Home Tours are hosted on Yellow House Media Group’s YouTube page, amplifying exposure and generating valuable leads to boost your sales endeavors.

Our real estate full-motion video services start at $150 for a 1-2 minute video. Please note that there are various factors that may result in additional costs for the video:

  • Luxury listings
  • Aerial footage of the surrounding location

We also offer social media Reels videos. Feel free to inquire about these options!

Floor Plans

Starts at $100

Floor Plans provide prospective buyers with a detailed understanding of the property’s layout, offering insight into the spatial dynamics and flow of your listing. By visually mapping out the space, buyers can envision furniture arrangements and plan out practical use. Additionally, floor plans serve as a valuable tool for comparisons, allowing buyers to analyze different property layouts and make well-informed decisions confidently.

2D Floor Plans are priced:

  • $100 (under 1000 s/f)
  • $150 (1000-2000 s/f)
  • $200 (2000-3000 s/f)
  • $250 (3000-4000 s/f)
  • $300 (4000-5000 s/f)
  • $350 (5000-6000 s/f)

Social Media Reels - Your Creative Hub for Short Videos

Starting at $85 for a 60-second video

Social Media Reels enable users to unleash their creativity by seamlessly crafting, editing, and merging 60-second video clips accompanied by music. This feature mirrors the engaging format of the renowned video-sharing platform, TikTok, offering users a dynamic avenue to express themselves and captivate their audience.

Elevate Your Online Visibility with Custom URLs

Our pricing: $25

Given the internet proficiency of your target audience, custom URLs play a vital role in enhancing accessibility to your online listings and optimizing search engine visibility. By crafting a unique domain name for your property tour, we streamline the process for potential buyers to locate your listing online. Integrating this personalized URL into all your real estate marketing endeavors can significantly boost your online presence and engagement.

Single Property Website

Our pricing: $25

Elevate Your Online Presence with Single Property Website. 

Just input a property description, and you’re good to go! Enhance your site further by seamlessly embedding Matterport 3D tours and videos, crafting a comprehensive platform to showcase your listings effectively.


Bernadeta D. Biela


With over two decades experience as a professional photographer, Bernadeta is a beacon of excellence and a paragon of client dedication. Her commitment to delivering an unmatched experience spans every aspect of her service – from initial client interactions to the meticulous artistry of her photoshoots and the flawless delivery of the final product. Specializing in capturing the essence of homes, interiors, and architectural masterpieces Bernadeta has cultivated a loyal following by infusing her work with a unique blend of artistic vision and unwavering quality. Leveraging her rich architectural background, she skillfully captures design intricacies and subtle details, showcasing an exemplary eye for composition and spatial awareness that breathes life into her photography.

Collaborating with top-tier professionals across the real estate industry, Bernadeta has partnered with architects, builders, property owners, and over 100 esteemed real estate agents from renowned companies such as Compass, Berkshire Hathaway, Sothebys, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Christopher J. Barrett Realtors, and J Barrett & Co. Her striking photographs have graced the pages of prestigious publications including Northshore Magazine, Boston Magazine, newspapers, posters, brochures, and regional magazines, cementing her reputation as a photographer of exceptional talent and unparalleled artistry.

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